Spruce Street Parking Lot

Adjacent to Union Station Transportation Center, the Spruce Street Parking Lot is available for your convenience for short or long term public parking and offers competitive daily, monthly and event parking rates.



Regular Event Parking $5.00
Premium Event Parking $10.00

“Entertainment District Special” $5.00
Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings in after 6:00 pm out by 3:00 am

Regular Downtown Events $5.00

Daily Parking
First ½ hour rate $2.00
Each additional ½ hour rate $2.00
Maximum Daily rate (24 hour) $15.00

Monthly Parking – $90.00

Must be pre-registered and pre-paid

Event Parking – $5.00 Regular Downtown
Events and Entertainment District Special
$10.00 Premium Downtown Events

Managed by Propark America
Telephone (860)-656-6288

Automated Pay Station

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Electric Vehicle Charging Station

Greater Hartford Transit District is dedicated reducing greenhouse gas emissions to protect the environment and human health.  Our electric vehicle charging station helps to promote these efforts.

The charging station in the Spruce Street Lot uses AmpUp, an electric vehicle (EV) software that enables drivers to charge stress-free.  You can pay on your app, reserve a space, and more! Download the App and see user guide below for more information.

AmpUp User Guide

Notice: Extended Stay

Please register with the attendant if you anticipate leaving your vehicle in the lot for more than 30 days. Management reserves the right to tow all vehicles at the owner’s expense for vehicles that have not been registered with the attendant and those that have exceeded the 30 day stay. All towing charges and accumulated parking fees will be the responsibility of the vehicle’s owner.