July 12, 2017- Hartford

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

If you experience an issue with the ADA Paratransit service that requires investigation, please do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service Department at (860) 724-5340 extension 9, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., email hartfordcustomerservice@firstgroup.com, or fax (860) 955-2915. You may also write to: Customer Service Department c/o First Transit, 249 Wawarme Avenue, Hartford, CT 06114.  If you are able, please file any and all complaints within 48 hours of the incident.

Rider and Community Attendees: Carolyn Brooks, Beverly Jackson, Michelle Johnson, Peggy Johnson, and Peter Karanja

First Transit (FT) Attendees: Andrew Burke, Gersham Flynn, Margaret Gomez, Jim Marmo, Nelson Torres, and Karla Vera

Greater Hartford Transit District (the “District”) Attendees: DJ Gonzalez, Margaret Pieniazek,
Pat Williams, and Valerie Ellis

Guests: Mary Rosenbauer and Darrel Brown (The Kennedy Center); Erin Williams and Joselyn Edgers, CTTransit Safety and Training Supervisors

The forum began at 5:00 p.m.

May 2017 passenger trips were 40,261, no shows 1,413 (4%), and cancellations 9,072 (23%).
June 2017 passenger trips were 38,467, no shows 1,381 (4%), and cancellations 8,102 (21%).

Customer Service:
In May 2017, 228 comments were received from passengers and 48% were compliments, 11% driver, dispatch, reservationist, and/or scheduling concerns, 11% late/early arrival, ride length or missed trip concerns, 18% invalid concerns, 1% mechanical and/or related to safety concerns, 0% door-to-door and/or related to wrong drop-off or pick-up concerns, 0% courtesy, 0% no-show concerns, 11% unknown, and 0% other.

In June 2017, 250 comments were received from passengers and 41% were compliments, 9% driver, dispatch, reservationist, and/or scheduling concerns, 15% late/early arrival, ride length or missed trip concerns, 19% invalid concerns, 0% mechanical and/or related to safety concerns, 2% door-to-door and/or related to wrong drop-off or pick-up concerns, 0% courtesy, 2 % no-show concerns, 8% unknown, and 4% other.

Staff Comments:
Pat Williams welcomed everyone and introduced two representatives from the Kennedy Center (CT’s statewide travel training agency). The Kennedy Center, CTTransit, and the District are coordinating an exciting travel transit event to take place September 27-29. Mary Rosenbauer and Darrel Brown explained the purpose of this event is to provide awareness to ADA riders about CTTransit (the local fixed route bus system.) Riders will be able to board a bus, ask questions, and they will be provided with free trips in the Greater Hartford area along with other fun filled activities. For further information and/or to register, you may contact Ms. Rosenbauer at (203) 365-8522 x322 or email MRosenbauer@kennedyctr.org. The Transit team is thrilled about this event and we need your assistance in getting the word out. Please feel free to share the enclosed flier with your fellow ADA riders, family and friends.

Erin Williams and Joselyn Edgers, CTTransit Safety and Training Supervisors were present at the meeting providing a tour of the CTTransit bus and answered questions.  If an ADA rider experiences any problems on CTTransit they should report it to Customer Service at (860) 525-9181.

Andy Burke commented that First Transit staff is eagerly awaiting the move to 148 Roberts Street in East Hartford. The September ADA meeting may possibly be held at this location.

Margaret Gomez informed the group that all customer service concerns are reviewed and investigated thoroughly. If a rider is not satisfied with the outcome, they may dispute the matter by contacting Customer Service at (860) 724-5340 extension 9 or email at hartford.customerservice@firstgroup.com.

Participants’ Comments

Carolyn Brooks
She was dissatisfied with her June 30th trip and provided detailed information. She requested that only her cell phone number be on file.

Staff Response
Ms. Gomez will look into these concerns and respond back to her.

Beverly Jackson
Ms. Jackson thanked staff for providing an additional pickup point at Manchester Community College in Manchester.  How will the riders be informed that there will be a new Call Center Manager in the near future?

Staff Response
Mr. Burke will see that proper communication be forwarded to riders.

Michelle Johnson
She suggested the name “Yankees in Transit” for the September transit event.

Staff Response
The staff wanted to reassure everyone that this event is to educate and enhance riders’ knowledge about traveling on the CTTransit bus system.

Peggy Johnson
She thanked Margaret Gomez for the her professionalism and caring attitude that she provides to the riders.

Staff Response
First Transit accepted Michelle Johnson and Beverly Jackson’s offer to volunteer to train operators on how to properly secure their mobility devices on the ADA paratransit vehicle.

Peter Karanja
He had no issues and was complimentary of the service provided to him.

The next ADA Participation Group forum is scheduled for September 13, 2017, at 5:00 p.m. in the District’s Conference Room at Union Station, One Union Place, Hartford. Any changes of the time or location will be posted in advance. You may make a reservation for Paratransit service to and from the meeting by calling (860) 724-5340 and selecting option “1”.  The ADA bus fare will be waived for this meeting.  Please remember to give everyone a chance to participate; forum attendees need to keep initial questions and/or comments to five (5) minutes. Follow-up comments should also be kept to five (5) minutes. This information is available in accessible format upon request.

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