ADA Paratransit Operations & Maintenance Facility

In September 2017, the District completed its massive eighteen-month long construction project and held a grand-opening for its new ADA Paratransit Operations and Maintenance Facility, located at 148 Roberts Street in East Hartford, Connecticut.

This 37,000 sq foot state of the art facility, which sits on approximately 5.6 acres, has separate operations and maintenance areas.  In addition to housing offices for management, the operations area consists of a training room, dispatch area, reservations area, scheduling area,  conference room, server and communication rooms, quiet room for drivers, lunch room, restrooms/ locker room (with shower access), and a fitness room.  The maintenance area consists of four maintenance bays, a storage area, parts room, mechanics room, wash bay with water/oil separator, vehicle parking, restrooms/ locker room (with shower access), and a fueling station.

The District’s ADA Paratransit service provider, First Transit, moved into the new facility with their 270 employees in July 2017 and began operation immediately to ensure a seamless transition of service delivery to our disabled passengers.  The District oversees one of the largest paratransit operations in New England and provides over 500,000 passenger trips annually.

The success of this project was funded with the financial support from the Federal Transit Administration and the Connecticut Department of Transportation.


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