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Transit Equity Day 

Transit Equity Day is observed annually on February 4th to commemorate the life and legacy of Rosa Parks on her birthday. Rosa Parks became a key figure in the Civil Rights era when she refused to give up her seat on a segregated Montgomery, Alabama public transit bus and was arrested in 1955. Her actions sparked the Montgomery bus boycott and the U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring segregation on buses unconstitutional. The actions and legacy of Rosa Parks is intrinsically tied to the concept of transit equity for all.

Greater Hartford Transit District is committed to providing equitable transportation for all and to eliminate barriers to transit.

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The Greater Hartford Transit District

The Greater Hartford Transit District (“the District”) is a quasi-municipal corporation operating under the authority of Chapter 103a of the Connecticut General Statutes. There are currently sixteen member towns represented by appointees who collectively form the Board of Directors. GHTD has broad powers to acquire, operate, finance, plan, develop, maintain and otherwise provide all forms of land transportation and related services including the development or renewal of transportation centers and parking facilities. The agency serves as a conduit for federal and state funding of transit related capital projects, provides ADA Paratransit Service, and owns Hartford Union Station and the ADA Paratransit Operations and Maintenance Facility in East Hartford.

We are committed to providing the highest quality transportation and transit related support services.