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Hartford, Connecticut

June 17, 2014

Ferguson Jansen, Committee Chairman

Mr. Jansen called the Meeting of the Personnel Committee of the Greater Hartford Transit District (the "District") to order at 5:35pm in the District's offices at Union Station, One Union Place, Hartford, Connecticut.  Mr. Lord was appointed as Acting Secretary for the purpose of documenting the Minutes of the Meeting. Committee members present were: A. David Giordano, Ferguson R. Jansen, Jr., Frank Lord, Richard F. Messenger and Mr. William Hall.  Also present were: Stephen F. Mitchell, Chairman; Brendan Flynn, Treasurer; and Vicki L. Shotland Executive Director.

Mr. Jansen asked if any members of the public would like to be heard. 

Upon motion made by Mr. Messenger, seconded by Mr. Giordano and approved unanimously, the Meeting continued in Executive Session at 5:38pm for purposes of discussion regarding the performance review and compensation of the Executive Director.  Mr. Jansen then requested that Mr. Mitchell, Mr. Flynn, and Ms. Shotland participate in Executive Session to clarify matters directly pertaining to the performance and review of the Executive Director. Ms. Shotland was dismissed at 6:17pm. Mr. Mitchell was dismissed at 6:45pm and Mr. Flynn was dismissed at 6:50pm.

No votes were taken in the Executive Session. Upon motion made by Mr. Hall, seconded by Mr. Messenger and approved unanimously, the Meeting continued in Regular Session at 7:25pm.

There being no further business brought before the Committee, Mr. Messenger moved that the Meeting be adjourned.  Upon seconding by Mr. Giordano the motion passed unanimously.  The Meeting was adjourned at 7:26pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Frank Lord
Acting Committee Secretary

Posted: 6/19/14