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“Providing a safe and outstanding quality of service to all of our riders is our top priority.”


In order to improve how we serve you, we request that you follow our No Show/Late Cancellation Policy. The Riders Guide explains the Policy.

For more information please call (860) 247-5329 extension 3100.

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Summer 2015 Newsletter

Director of Paratransit Services
Patricia M. Williams
(860)247-5329 extension 3011

ADA Paratransit Services Coordinators
Valerie K. Ellis
(860)247-5329 extension 3005

Margaret Pieniazek
(860)247-5329 extension 3043

ADA Paratransit Assistants
Kathy Shea
(860)247-5329 extension 3086

Carmen Vicente
(860)247-5329 extension 3086

Transportation Coordinator
Abram Aviles
((860)247-5329 extension 3008

(860)724-5340 Select 1

Easter Seals

The Greater Hartford Transit District is proud to partner with First Transit to provide high quality and efficient service to our passengers.

Paratransit Operations and Maintenance Center
249 Wawarme Avenue
Hartford, CT 06114
(860)247-0071 (fax)