The Hartford Intermodal Triangle Project is Complete!

The Greater Hartford Transit District assisted the City of Hartford in the implementation of the Intermodal Triangle Project, which was completed in May of 2017 . The intent of this project was to strengthen the region’s economic and employment core by improving downtown intermodal connections and increasing transit access through the downtown area. Ford and Jewel Streets, which border the north edge of Bushnell Park, have been rebuilt with traffic calming features to provide a promenade along the park and to improve pedestrian and bicycle access and safety. Asylum, Pearl and Main Street, as well as Union Place, have been improved for transit and pedestrian use. Bus stops and pedestrian amenities were improved throughout the project area.   The Union Station Transit Center on Union Place was constructed as part of the this project.  The District is currently gathering data for a Post-Project Report which will be due to FTA in May 2020.

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